Some LNG Sellers Could Miss Out on $15B

When you find your significant other and you tie the knot, you give each other a promise. This promise, whatever it may contain will inevitably make you miss out on a whole host of things. Usually, people promise each other to be faithful and the working partnerships I know live this principle every day. They are missing out on opportunities. But they know what they get in return and that outweighs the quick opportunities missed. That’s no different in LNG contracts. If you are happy when you sign up for the deal you should be happy when the deal is many years old. Don’t peek across the fence if what you might see disturbs you. It’s not good for a diabetic to constantly look at the lemon cakes. Nobody is missing out. If you are not willing or able to take the trading risk, you settle for safety and fewer ups and downs. That’s fair.

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