South Africa welcomes private sector’s help to alleviate power crisis

Private sector you say – most truly private companies will find it hard or almost impossible to navigate the Byzantine multiple layers of affirmative action policies that need to be taken care off. Political Correctness has brought South Africa to a total standstill. This country has once been the best developed by far in all of Subsaharan Africa. No more. As soon as you want to do anything at all, immediately a small army of people that feel they are important or connected want their cut. People think that Nigeria is a tough call and it is – but I find it easier to navigate than South Africa. Don’t hold your breath for a solution there.

Speakers at the conference examined policy developments and Eskom as well as innovative power solutions involving hybrid systems combining solar PV with batteries to overcome power shortfall, says Alexandra Felekis, a Partner at Webber Wentzel.

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