South African Climate Activist Desmond Tutu Calls for Fossil Fuel to be Outlawed

South Africa has problems, real problems. Affirmative action on steroids has produced a country where political connections count for more than anything. Entrepreneurial acumen counts for nothing. Violent crime is rampant, those who can afford so shelter behind gated communities, those who want to change things for the better are smothered by a thick layer of regulation that kills any initiative. Most of the infrastructure South Africa functions on still stems from Apartheid. Desmond Tutu has been one of the deciding factors when building this system. He was a hero when Apardheidt was brought down, but the system he helped build destroys the country. And now he angles for the killing stab – taking away the one thing that would help African get out of their misery. Keep the poor poor seems to be his policy. It works.

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