Stop Indulging This Spoilt, Little Brat!

How dare you, Greta, demand from a por child in Africa or any other poor part of the world to remain forever mired in their squalor while you live a life full of luxuries and comfort? For the poor of the world to escape their predicament, they need reliable and stable but most of all affordable power. If you don’t have that, you are stuck forever. Greta’s fundamentalism denies every poor child a decent future, it denies every poor person the most basic comforts that she consumes so voraciously. Its time people wake up to this egoistic movement. While you guys are having a party, people die in some poor country because they have no stable power to perform basic medical assistance. And it’s not only an African thing – her policies will hit the rich worlds poorest and even middle class the hardest. They cant afford Teslas.

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