Tale of Two Oil Markets: Brent Bulls Split From US Optimists

There must be someone who wants to make a buck out of this. Cant build a pipeline? Then build a rail line with two tracks and move lots of carriages. How long can that take? It’s not like you need to build that through the Russian taiga. It’s also not a high-speed line. The US is the country of the entrepreneur – step up roughnecks. There is money that wants to be made.

For oil investors, this is both the best of times and the worst of times, depending on which crude benchmark you trade. While money managers pile up on bets that Brent futures will rise as supplies from Iran shrink, even Hurricane Florence wasn’t enough to get investors excited in the U.S. Bullish wagers on West Texas Intermediate fell for the eighth time in 10 weeks, and its discount to Brent is near the biggest gap in more than three years. The two markets are drifting apart as a pipeline crunch in the Permian Basin erodes profits for shale explorers.

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