Tesla Semi is not impressing the diesel truck industry, ‘where’s the proof?’, they say

Come on – with the long history of excessive claims that did not come true Tesla and Musk have it’s not only fair to ask for proof – its essential. There was a time when I was in awe before Elon. I admired his business acumen and his rational mind attacking age-old paradigms. He sure has moved quite some cheese but the more I look into his past and present, the more I see the greatest con artist ever in him. And a house of cards is not built to last. Deliver 3 of your trucks to a team of experts from different trades and let them have it for 2 weeks. They will tell us. You do that, your claims look much more solid. Until that is – its hot air.

The things that Tesla is claiming its all-electric truck, Tesla Semi, can do are so incredible that the diesel truck industry has to think it’s simply not true. Now they are asking ‘where’s the proof?’ When unveiling the vehicle last year, Tesla announced an expected range of 500 miles on a single charge with a 80,000-lb capacity.

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