Thawing Siberian permafrost soil risks rise of anthrax and prehistoric diseases

Wow, now we have to put the world into deep freeze pretty much permanently because of bio weapons research from decades ago. What’s next? Cold temperatures such as now is the exception for world climate. Ice at the poles is the exception in the 4,5 billion year history of the world. Life came into being when the world was warmer. And if the planet wants to get back to its old, much warmer self no matter what humans do, what would we do then? We can stand and worry and trying to influence something that we have very little if any influence over. Or we can start tackling the issues that come with change. People are afraid of change, even if this change makes the world a better place. The horrors you are familiar with look much better than a much better place that forces one to change his life.

When authorities in Yakutsk invited participants in a youth government initiative to brainstorm ideas for an empty lot in the centre last year, it seemed like a smart way to get rid of an eyesore.

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