The big problem with climate ‘realism’

I actually like that. I like those mad folks like AOC as they force the virtue signaling but hiding mainstream out of their foxholes. AOC asks them to commit – I ask them to as well. The structure of the US makes it perfect for experimentation. Let some states advance with radical policies for everyone to see what will happen. Just make sure that the other states don’t carry the burden of the follies of the virtue signalers. It’s going to be a healthy shock. Once people realize how incredibly they will suffer financially and also in terms of diminished quality of life, they will come back to more sensible ideas. People only learn through pain. So yes, crank it up and let there be pain. Lots of it.

Climate change has vaulted to the top of the political discourse, with the rollout of the Green New Deal policy framework and the subsequent discussion of what policies it should contain. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D), for instance, recently announced he is running for president with a platform laser-focused on climate change.

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