This Environmentalist Says Only Nuclear Power Can Save Us Now

Not pushing nuclear to its potential is the biggest sin we commit today. Its a gift of nature and properly done it can be very safe and comparatively easy to run. There are risks. Oh yes there are. There are risks when stepping on a ladder for changing light bulbs. Have you looked at how many people die from household accidents every year and compared that to deaths from nuclear incidents? Every single death is one too many, I agree. But how are millions dead from smog not a problem and the comparatively far smaller risk from nuclear is? Most of the cost of nuclear today stems from the rats tail of parasites that make a great living by gaming the regulatory process for what its worth. If you want to know how to properly handle nuclear, look at how the French do it. Except that Macron seems hell-bent on destroying that jewel of French engineering as well.

Calling climate change an existential threat to humanity, congressional Democrats have proposed a policy package called the Green New Deal. It would mandate that 100 percent of U.S. energy production come from “clean, renewable and zero-emission energy sources” like wind and solar by the year 2050.

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