To slash emissions, industries must capture carbon and store it

We are not yet at the point where we see CO2 as a resource that’s worth preserving rather than a pollutant that must be gotten rid of. CO2 is the basis of all life. It’s THE fundamental piece in photosynthesis: Today we just use it as dry ice, a low value commodity. But once we start to synthesize ultra clean and ultra safe fuels from hydrogen, CO2 is going to become valuable feed stock. Also, as to plants it’s a bit like oxygen is for us, there will be a lot of sense to keep greenhouses in an atmosphere of way more CO2 pretty much all the time. Capturing it will make commercial sense. We are not there – YET.

The technology to help limit global warming to 1.5˚C already exists, but there needs to be the will to use it, according to Kristin Jordal, an engineer and senior research scientist at the Norwegian research organisation Sintef.

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