Top Iranian commander killed in U.S. airstrike on Trump orders

Before I comment – I am not taking sides here. Just trying to asses what’s likely to happen. That was not entirely unexpected. Not necessarily the action on Soleimani but it was clear that after all that had happened in the months prior to this there would be some form of US response and considering the stakes, it had to be something important. The uptick of the oil price was barely noticeable. Testimony of the resilience of the market or maybe the oversupply situation and also that nobody really expects this to escalate. Sure, Iran will have to respond but what more can they do that they would not have done before the strike anyhow? I think Iran has understood that poking the US in the eye without retaliation seems to be over. Now, there is a price to be paid. The factions inside Iran will have to poker that out. I expect the situation to simmer down now that every side knows what’s on the table.

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