Trudeau Declares Climate Emergency… Then Approves Major Oil Pipeline

The real issue is not “angering the oil industry or angering environmental groups”. Its rather that Trudeau has already mentally spent the revenues expected from such a project and he also mentally boasted his job creation achievements. Small entrepreneurs know the dynamic all too well. You had a great meeting with a prospective client, all looks good and you start mentally spending the money you are going to make. A new Mercedes gets ordered (not really), you imagine your life in a better condo or a house, you see yourself at expensive trips or recognized by friends and family. And then, it all threatens to go away. You are on the hook now. You can’t say no. I have been there and it burned me so bad that a deal is a deal only when the money is in the bank today. No exceptions made. But Trudeau is a politician and politicians always need new shiny objects they can dangle in front of voters. Imagine he had to answer hard questions from Canadians that are struggling why he kills jobs. The environuts are easier to deal with – or so he thinks.

Canada declared a national climate emergency on Monday. The next day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave the greenlight to a massive oil sands pipeline.

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