Volkswagen bets big on its CNG fleet at the German natural gas forum

VW is doing the right thing but they are still a bit coy about it. Come on, the Germans are the masters of the internal combustion engine and let’s be real, the internal combustion engine was a massive success and has improved our lives in innumerable ways. I know it fashionable to throw shit on it now but this is undeserved. Natural Gas engines are internal combustion engines – the cleanest ever, the best ever. German carmakers could make a statement by doing what they always did, doing what they are hard to beat at but with results that will make them the envy of the world again.

Volkswagen Group and its industry partners from the gas supply, network, and filling station operation sectors are to showcase their products and services at the 3rd CNG Mobility Days in Berlin (25–26 June 2019), presenting an overview of the current situation and the future of CNG. Volkswagen Group brands will also exhibit their latest CNG models in the passenger car, truck and bus segments.

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