What role will climate change play in the 2020 presidential election?

Bill Clintons 1992 presidential campaign slogan was “Its the economy. stupid”. and he went and won the presidency against the odds. Climate Change is a brain issue. You need to switch the parts of your bain on that make you do all kinds of ephemeral things. You know the needs pyramid. Political rights don’t matter when you starve, snowflake issues don’t matter when you are not-free, … Despite the boom times, many people in flyover America feel like the elites have spat on them. And they still want to show them the middle finger. There is no bigger finger than Trump. Debating Climate Change will bring up all those fraud stories, those additional taxes stories, this elitist top-down deciding how life should be. They are sick of it. People in the US have a decision to make – keep funding Climate fraud or getting their lives back. Its not THE issue but it will be felt.

Journalists and political wonks have spilled lots of ink, and more recently lots of gigabytes, in presidential election runups speculating that the environment and global warming could become significant issues in voters’ minds. Seldom have their expectations been realized.

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