Why I don’t ‘believe’ in ‘science’

Exactly my words. Science is not about beliefs or not. Either you understand the underlying processes and facts or you don’t. Nothing much to believe here. Real science has been abducted by the believers which want to erect which-trials in order to get rid of those that don’t agree with their views. That’s a religion, or an inhuman control system such as Socialism, but this has nothing to do with science. Science is about knowledge and the capability to deduce conclusions from observations plus proving them in reality. A model with no hard proof attached to it is no science – its speculative. What if the moon was made of cream cheese – that’s the same kind of speculation. What if Superman farted and blew a hole into Earth? Interesting dilemma but about as real as the curls of hair hanging into my face. Science means you get it. Nothing to believe here.

” ‘I believe in science’ is an homage given to science by people who generally don’t understand much about it. Science is used here not to describe specific methods or theories, but to provide a badge of tribal identity. 

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