World’s biggest battery developed by Elon Musk’s car firm Tesla is powering 30,000 homes in Australia and has saved residents $116 MILLION in energy costs over two years

Sure, what daily mail forgets to tell its readers is that all those savings come from cats that were themselves only caused by the erraticness of wind and solar power. Conventional power sources produce power on demand and to when the weather god is favorably disposed and so they don’t need all this humbug. Charge all the cost for balancing out the grid to the RE firms and see what happens. Oh, also take away their subsidies for good measure as they say they are the cheapest anyhow and sure don’t need taxpayer cash anymore. What we need is honesty and its sorely lacking. But maybe we can soon enjoy a RE caused blackout event during our quarantine. That would give people some new ideas as well.

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