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Rudolf is a consummate innovator and a seasoned LNG practitioner. He pioneered LNG at EconGas; a Central European liberalized Natural Gas utility and morphed trading company.

In 2007, he was central to achieving FID on the GATE terminal, the first multi-user LNG regasification terminal with an independent operator working on a tolling contract. His ground-breaking liability regime for the terminal developer and operator was a premiere in the LNG world and continuous to contribute to make LNG more of a commercial business as opposed to the monopoly dominated business it has been ever since its first throes.

From 2008 to 2011, Rudolf headed Business Development at EconGas.  After it has become apparent that the Iran LNG project, which was supposed to provide LNG to GATE, would not materialize any time soon he began working on solving the LNG supply problem. Rudolf developed the Africa strategy for new LNG called “Alternative LNG” and formulated the view that trading companies had to adopt “give to get”, a strategy unknown to LNG to this time, in order to earn a place on the buyers table. This had led to the creation of NeXtLNG which was destined to commercialize a number of new business strategies such as “Bulk Make” in LNG. In 2013, Rudolf merged NeXtLNG into his restructured and streamlined LNG consulting and project development business. Rudolf also acquired deep upstream knowledge and understanding for the upstream oil and gas world.

At the same time Rudolf developed new strategies to obtain more value from the GATE engagement. One such move was preparing EconGas in the LNG as a shipping fuel movement. Since mid-2009 Rudolf has consistently built his network and expertise in marine affairs in the Baltic Sea and the North Western European Seaboard. Rudolf founded a task force which looked into the existing LNG agreements in order to get them ready for sales of small volumes of LNG out of conventional LNG regasification terminals. This again is a first in the energy world. Rudolf has built up a huge hunger for the problems which the marine faces and through his activities a very tight mesh of contacts in the marine world ranging from bunker traders, port authorities, service companies, ship owners and vessel operators.

From 2011 until summer 2012, Rudolf joined a Florida based heavy fuel reformation start-up, Fuel Emulsions International Inc. as COO. This allowed him to morph into the heavy fuels world and also gave him the opportunity to sharpen his entrepreneurial teeth.

Today, Rudolf owns and runs a boutique Natural Gas consulting firm and think tank Methanist. He also animates a number of blogs and is a frequent contributor in energy related news feeds and publications. Rudolf has initiated the “LNG Austria” non-profit organization in his native Austria in order to help LNG as a fuel to establish itself and expand its role in Central Europe. Today he is the president of the organization.

In mid 2019 he also co-founded “LNG Europe – Institute for Methane Fuels” which carries non-profit advocacy activities into all of Europe.

He has also invented the MESH system which brings all his former innovations together in one streamlined system. He is a co-founder, shareholder and commercial director of eXcelerate Energy Resources Ltd., a Nigerian company seeking to convert flare gas into LNG that shall be locally used.

Rudolf is a consummate speaker at energy events and conferences and has challenged decade old dogmas in many thrilling speeches, lectures and table discussions.

Rudolf has not been an energy man since his tender youth. He is a qualified expert in business law and a Tax Legal Expert by training, but he had also made himself a name as an entrepreneur, a soldier and an adventurer that has traveled the world and many of its conflict zones extensively.

He is fluent in four languages and has obtained a Master’s degree in Commercial and Taxation law from the Jean Monnet faculty (Université Paris XI).