In time, it became clear that we needed a much more formal organization that will go for the long haul of creating a true LNG market in Europe. Western Europe already has some organizations that will carry the LNG banner, at least in part. But the huge swathe of the continent between Austria and Russia is completely unorganized and players in those markets need guidance, connections, and advice.

LNG Europe is a forum, a knowledge platform, a lobbying organization and a business connector that aims to gather the players in Europes LNG markets through memberships and use this clout to tear down obstacles and create new business avenues.

LNG Europe is much more formal than LNG Austria and it’s clearly funded through corporate membership fees and donations. LNG Europe is also a non-profit organization and does not conduct projects in its own right.

The organizations are independent of each other and operate at arm’s length. LNG is really a European issue as heavy-duty traffic is a European issue.