Listening to a speech often is as arduous as dental root treatment. You know that it is going to be long, painful and that you cannot avoid it – so, apprehension builds up.

Sometimes though, only rarely, someone comes, blows you out of your half-sleep and puts you to the edge of your seat. Personally, I love those moments which frankly, have made otherwise dreadful events worth the investment of going there.

One single person that had saved the day for me. I always hope for this moment.

Yet, I am disappointed too many times when long, boring, unexciting speakers either totally miss the point or shamelessly promote their own company or project or sometimes are so hard to understand, it hurts and still they deliver nothing of value to the audience. My mind bears the scars of countless such moments.

However, when the ONE comes, when he/she puts me to the edge, my faith in energy events is restored instantly.

I strive to be this one speaker people remember after a conference. I want to make your investment of time and money worthwhile by delivering speeches that make you think, make you puzzle, make you scratch your head, discuss, challenge things, keep you on the edge, entertain you and rattle you. I might upset you but you will want to remember my words and that’s what matters.

The only thing I have to offer are opinions. Opinions about issues and problems in the energy world.

In 2007, I told in-house audiences that shale gas would become big and that those LNG import projects in the US would go away. I was laughed at but some actually puzzled how real it might be. Look again.

In 2009, I said that the Australian LNG projects would go down in flames as they were too expensive even for runaway Asian prices to bear. Not a popular statement in LNG circles at the time but it proved to be the truth.

Have I been right every time I made a statement? Hell no! However, I would not shy away from an argument in order to make anyone feel warm and fuzzy.

Because as the Grinch uses to say – “One man’s toxic sludge – is another man’s Pot Pourri”.

I also hold professional workshops on very bespoke LNG and Methane Gas topics. Please consult the workshops page.

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