workshop-partnerIn certain cities, I work with individuals who organize workshops under a partnership agreement with me. They pay me an agreed workshop fee for every workshop they organize – the upside they make is theirs to keep.

How does this work?

Lets assume you live in Buenos Aires (I have no workshop representative in this city right now) and you find that there is enough interest in Natural Gas and LNG in the region that a workshop there would sell and you also have the requisite contacts with regional energy companies in need of training, you can contact me and we agree on bespoke terms and prices.

You will have to cover my fees, the venue, lunches and breaks for the delegates and me and printing of the workshop materials. I conduct the workshop and bring certificates. You run your own business by marketing me. I agree that you will be my sole partner in an area around your city or wider to be defined by mutual agreement and you agree that you use nobody else than me for all workshops on gas matters. Terms and conditions of such a partnership will be agreed between us.

Your advantages as a workshop partner:

  • This is a business you can do from your home;
  • You decide when and how to run a workshop;
  • You are free to work when you want and as much as you want;
  • You collect payments from the customer so you don’t wait for your money;
  • You are your own boss;


Contact me and lets talk about how we can both offer a product that our customers will love so much – they will want it again and again.