poisonIt’s sometimes hard to know what you need or want. Have you consulted the Course Map yet?

Here is another guide to help you decide. I have built it as a series of statements you might be making about yourself and your requirements. There sure is more – if you are not sure what is best for you – send me a quick message using the form below and I will recommend.

Content related statements:

  • I have heard the term LNG and you also know that it’s super cold Natural Gas, but that’s about it.
  • I have worked superficially with LNG and have been exposed to the LNG business, but I am not an expert.
  • I am a contract specialist who has never worked with LNG before or I have just superficially touched it.
  • I am a trader or work on a trade floor and I know what LNG is but I need to know how to improve my skill set on the floor.
  • Go for “The Nuts & Bolts of LNG” as this will give you all the essentials At the same time, you don’t want to go professional on it or you want to make up your mind and need some help. The 6 hours series is good for you as it gets you into LNG real quick but not deep enough in order to get completely confused. It’s a no-frills format that administers you a strong shot of LNG education in less than a day.
  • You are either a beginner, but you know that you want to get a complete initiation into LNG or you have done some reading on it but still lack the fundamentals. In Nuts & Bolts, I will take your hand and lead you through the obstacle course that LNG often is for beginners. This 3-day workshop will give you everything you need in order to participate as someone who knows in almost all LNG situations.
  • You are an initiated but still bot an expert and you would like to deepen your mastery on a particular aspect of the LNG business, the “Canned & Ready” Series is for you. The current two titles “Money and Law” and “New Projects” take those both aspects apart in great detail and will get you ready to face your peers and your competitors as someone who cannot easily be fooled.
  • All the above is just for the kiddies table and you are a real roughneck thrill seeker with a stomach for enduring pain. Then take the LNGathlon. It’s the ultimate LNG sledgehammer course that is designed to test your LNG prodigy in some real hard nutbag LNG cases. You might ask yourself if those cases are not a bit extreme but trust me – I have plucked them right from real life. (the LNGathlon) is still under preparation and will come to life in 2016).