Some years ago I got a call from someone who came recommended by a friend. This person was in an emergency – he had to deliver a suite of documents in order to keep a lead he was working on hot. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to work the lead for months and when he contacted me, there was only very little time left to still stay in the race.

I had to clear my desk immediately and worked day and night and in the end I was able to save the day for him.

It goes without saying that I had other stuff on my schedule when this hit me. And I had to clear my schedule in order to focus entirely on what needed to be done as otherwise there was no way that this could still have worked. This means that normal rates don’t apply anymore.

Depending on the work scope, the kind of work to do, the urgency of the matter and the general condition I find the project in, I will charge you a premium on top of my normal fees. And sometimes, things will be so bad that I won’t be able to get it done anymore – no matter how much you pay me.

If this is the case, I will tell you so after taking a look at what is required from me.

WARNING: if you are interested in this service, some things may go seriously wrong in your organization. Even if I fix the issue at hand, this rarely ever fixed the underlying causes of those issues. They will need fixing though as in a normal world, a professional team should be able to deal with anything in a timely manner. If the underlying cause does not get fixed, you will need my services more often and that’s no way of running a project thread.