6 glimmers of climate optimism for the end of a dark year

The IPCC also departed from its own 5th assessment report where it still stated that about half the rise in temperature is possibly due to human activities. Now its all of it due to humans but what they don’t do is giving even a shred of scientific foundation to it. This basically means “trust us, we tell you that this is the way it is and albeit we do not provide even a smidgen of proof, we are still right. They always speak of lines of evidence without ever saying what those lines of evidence are. Would you buy a car from a vehicles dealer who hands you a certificate that basically says, I have no evidence that the car works fine but take my word for it. You will be fine. Would you?

In 2018, we learned from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that we have around 30 years to fully decarbonize or risk widespread global devastation from warming and sea-level rise. We also learned that current emissions patterns are nowhere near in line with that goal.

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