Climate change deniers are increasingly angry and hostile

One of the problems is that deniers are a diverse bunch. Most of them are not deniers at all. Or how would you call someone who does concede that there is climate change occurring, that its probably going into the direction of warming, that some of it is most likely due to human activities although natural variances are so powerful that the human factor is still minor, and that we have far bigger problems than global warming and that we better adapt as nature won’t let us off the hook. Still a denier because he does not give in the shrill alarmism everyone gets bathed in every day. However, I have noted a significant upward tick in irritation, aggression and hatefulness on the part of the climate alarmists. They seem to lose it or how all this shouting and shrillness to be explained otherwise?

Climate change deniers are getting angrier and angrier because there is less and less ground that they can even moderately stand upon. They are being forced off of multiple positions and the world is ignoring their opinions en masse.

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