A Climate Cure Worse than the Disease

Climate alarmists must hate Lomborg. Humans have altered the planet since they live on it. Our ancestors hundreds and thousands of years ago eradicated many species without even batting an eyelid. This is damage done. It is assumed that overgrazing in North Africa contributed to the desertification of the land during the Roman empire. If we went by the narrative of the alarmists, humans would have to leave the planet altogether. And this is not going to happen. So we need something thats clean enough and that does not break the bank. The alarmists solutions are not fit for use in the real world.

The climate policies lauded in Paris at the One Planet Summit this month are essentially high-cost, low-effect gestures. While the EU will devote 20% of its budget this year to climate-related action, even fully achieving the accord’s emissions targets throughout this century would prevent just 0.053°C of global warming by 2100.

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