Climate Doom Ahead? Think Twice.

Thats the real goal – pulling an alternate economic system over the entire world. Well, the alarmists would contend with western democracies for that matter as they know quite well how totalitarian countries will treat them if they tried this in their countries. And such a meta-system needs an elite that must be well paid in cushy jobs that they create themselves out of thin air and are accountable only to themselves. We have lots of those parasites here in Austria – and I assume in any country. Climate scare is just more of the same on a bigger level.

It’s one word – but it could change the course of the world for decades to come. Discussion at the UN climate change talks held in Katowice, Poland recently reached a stalemate. The issue? A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released earlier this year, entitled “Special Report 15” (SR-15). 

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