Apple Throws China Under The Bus, And Opens A Pandora’s Box

Some are tempted to believe that the hiccup China experiences right now was unforeseeable and that its unprecedented. Nothing could be further from the truth. History is littered with empires that exploit their resources (people and extractive) in order to build the perfect society. They all have one thing in common. They all failed in the end. The article behind the following link was written 6 years ago. Not everything turned out the way foreseen but the basic gist was spot on.

“Apple CEO Tim Cook threw China under the proverbial bus,” says Brendan Ahern, CIO of KraneShares in New York. “There is little evidence that China’s economic slowdown is the primary cause of Apple’s woes,” he says, adding that Cook listed other factors for weaker sales, including a strong dollar and lackluster iWatch sales.

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