A Global Biogas Revolution Is Taking Place

Biogas must go much further than where they are now in order to make a dent. And it could. Just imagine a small fermenter in a building and all the biowaste goes in there. It’s would be producing ultra-clean fuel for vehicles and put the surplus into power for the building while it produces fertilizer for inhouse high value crop farms. I know that this won’t be a circular system from the start, but we should give it a try. Anything that helps reduce the “in-out” footprint of a city should be tried in earnest. If this inhouse biogas is refined and liquefied in a micro liquefier, this is great energy storage. Much better than batteries.

While solar PV and wind power are grabbing headlines, another clean energy revolution is silently taking place. From New York to Nairobi, from rural communities in China to the heart of the European Union, biogas and anaerobic digestion (AD) solutions are becoming increasingly larger and more common.

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