Around the world, backlash against expensive climate change policies

This is going to sharpen. People don’t trust politics – NO, it’s worse. People assume that politicians will lie, steal and cheat in order to preserve their comfortable lifestyles. And if they don’t know it yet then at least they suspect that something is rotten in this whole climate change thing. Their prices for everything goes up, they lose ever more control over their lives and politicians everywhere virtue signal with taxpayer money. People will take it for a while but at some point, they will stop and politicians that recognize those trends will win elections in the future – everywhere. Look what happens in Europe. So, expect massive bankruptcies of renewable firms when this wave breaks and the subsidies end. Ah, we still need fuel a power then.

From Alberta to Australia, from Finland to France, and beyond, voters are increasingly showing their displeasure with expensive energy policies imposed by politicians in an inane effort to purportedly fight human-caused climate change.

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