Asset managers deliver brutal verdict on oil

Yes, the world is going to change fundamentally over the next couple of years. But not how some EXCEL wielding asset Bubis think in their simple little sandbox. The current crisis was just popped open by COVID-19. It has been festering all along for decades and there has to be a day of reckoning. Funny money will become scarcer. There is a huge jug at the printing press right now but as the funny money junkies are poised right now, it’s going to be a flash in the pan for them. Without funny money, first of all the good for noting RE and EV industry will suffer and the die-off will commence. When things go ugly, you go back to what you know, back to what works. Oil will come back and Natural Gas will be big in this new world. O&G companies do themselves a favor if they try to get rid of the easy cash and work for the real market once again.

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