Gas and LNG brace for tougher times

The current situation of LNG did not arise with COVID-19 and it won’t go away with the virus. The LNG industry has been on a hype fuelled rampage for about 10 years now. One overhyped maker projection was followed by the next and every time there was more construction of capacity without really thinking about the market. Are you looking for a culprit LNG? Look in the mirror and put the finger where it belongs. straight in your face. More than 10 years of sleeping and bubbly presentations have consequences. Want to get out of this? It’s going to be painful and you will have to look at your best chance. Thats mobility. Not ships. They are great but growth is very slow. Trucking is the big beast. In Europe, we can siphon off all your overcapacity with a smile. But now you will have to take action instead of slumbering. Can you do that?

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