Biden is a menace to sound energy policy and industry’s future

When you are confronted with a cancer diagnosis – what will you do? Will you wait and hope that everything will be fine by taking some placebos? Or will you go to surgery if such is required to get rid of that thing? Climate Alarmism is cancer and it starts to threaten the organism. Those pushing it are either useful idiots or they are in the money on it and could not care less if their own countries go down in the process. If only their bank accounts see lots of green. We have a choice – either we fight back and force those that claim this nonsense to back it up with facts and real proof. O we can continue to let them lay their economic waste until we are all jobless and sitting in the dark. Some start to see the signs on the wall – we need more of that. And we need to stick it to them. Not nicely – but in their face when everyone sees it. #Trump2020 #VirtueSignaling #RealisticEnergy #StopTheLies

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