Korea Shipbuilding gets AIP for world’s 1st large liquefied hydrogen carrier design

Will we et honest cost figures? All those fancy technologies sure have a price. And we should know that price, shouldn’t we? Or will it be like with renewables and batteries where the exorbitant cost will be hidden away in elaborate schemes that will make the entire population pay plus a ton of financial trickery on top? You do know that every lie incurs a debt to the truth and eventually, this debt is going to be paid. Just like the Soviets paid with the ruin of their country for the endless lies they spun. Just as China will eventually pay for the decades of lies that they have discovered the land of milk and honey. And just like we will pay for lies upon lies of pie-in-the-sky paid for by printing money in every larger volumes. We want to believe that there is some miracle that will make us healthy, happy, and rich. Like children believe superhero and Tinker Belle. Children hate it when they eventually find out that their fantasy world is that – pure fantasy. And we will hate it too. Still, we crave the snake oil. #Hydrogen #HydrogenShipping #LiquidHydrogen


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