China Energy to expand ultra-low emission coal-fired power

Chinas problem is smog – that’s why they go for technology that allows them to minimize particles emissions and NOx. They also know very well that this entire Gobal Warming story is good for the Western snowflakes but that people in China have real needs and cannot afford to create artificial problems that must be solved with trillions like we do that. So – China will bring on the coal. But worry not Global Warming crybabies – you have said it yourself: CO2 from China does not count as it does not warm the atmosphere (read Paris) – the warming CO2 comes only from Western countries.

China Energy Group, the country’s biggest power generator, will add more than 6 gigawatts (GW) of new ultra-low emission coal-fired capacity this year as it bids to meet growing electricity demand, a senior official with the firm said on Thursday.

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