China Energy to expand ultra-low emission coal-fired power

Just imagine this would read “US energy to expand ultra-low emission coal-fired power”. There would be fire and brimstone and the US would be called the worst scum of all nations by a wide coalition of interests. But when China does it – well – then it just seems to be OK. Let’s see – what environmental organization make a ruckus because of this? Let’s take a look at Bejing – we have street protests in … oh the protesters are to be seen nowhere. But sure there are people gluing themselves to the doors and stairs to the building of the people’s hall. No? Where are all those extension rebellion folks? Oh, they prefer the relative safety of Western democracies to the rougher treatment that would expect them in Bejing. So, is Chinese coal not destroying the climate? Or is Trump right and China uses this Climate hoax in order to improve its competitive position?

China Energy Group, the country’s biggest power generator, will add more than 6 gigawatts (GW) of new ultra-low emission coal-fired capacity this year as it bids to meet growing electricity demand, a senior official with the firm said on Thursday.

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