South Africa sees new LNG import terminal ready by 2024

Knowing South Africa, the 2024 deadline is more than ambitious. There are so many affirmative action policies to consider, so many stakeholders to bring into the deal and then there is the pipeline issue. Yes, the only gas pipeline goes down from Gauteng to Durban and Richards Bay but the capacity is rather tiny by any standards. It’s an ex-diesel line so the options for upgrading are a doubtful proposition at best. And you will need a regular baseload terminal there as no smaller ship will make economic sense to come to South Africa as it’s so far off anything that’s interesting. And a floater, good luck with that considering the limited value of the pipeline and the immaturity of the market. Verdict: can be done, makes sense all over but implementation will be way more than a challenge. Good luck.

State-owned freight logistics firm Transnet plans to launch a tender next year for South Africa’s first terminal to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) at Richards Bay port, with first gas expected to land in 2024, a senior official said on Thursday.

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