Global economy heading for trouble as manufacturing and construction shrink

Most people have already forgotten that we have only paper patched over the problems that resulted in the 2008 financial crisis. And as we have never cleaned up the mess for real, those problems have morphed into a fully fledged crisis that has spread form the financial sector into the real economy. What we see right now are still only the first signs on things to come. Expect a lot of more bad news, especially from China but also the European Union. There is an old adage that says when people flee into concrete gold (real estate investments) the economy is about to tank badly. China was the champion of this fools gold pouring concrete where they could. This will crash and this won’t go without lots of tears. No one will be unscathed but the US will weather the storm better than anyone else as Trump blows the cobwebs out of the economy and the US bathes in cheap energy.

Global manufacturing and construction sectors have already entered a downturn; the service sector is all that now stands between the economy and a full-blown recession.

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