CNN: ‘It’s time to limit how often we can travel abroad – ‘Carbon Passports’ may be the answer’ – ‘Drastic changes to our travel habits are inevitable’ – Suggests restrictions will be ‘forced’ upon public

How many think that anything like this is going to happen? I think not. Touristic countries will be the first to balk as their revenues will take a dive and some western, very rich countries stand to lose big. Just look at France for example. Considering that most countries also have to grapple with a nasty debt crisis and economic downturn, they will have a restive population to be taken care of. How many politicians do you expect to have a stomach for affronting them in the future? I think that the topic is going out the window pretty rapidly. I can see it in my own country. We have national elections next year and it does not look like parties with very green leanings will do well. 

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