Could liquefied natural gas ease the Eskom crisis?

Good News are not waiting around the corner ready to jump out and give them a thumbs up. South Africans must understand that ESKOM is just one of the symptoms of a much deeper problem. It’s the system built by ANC of multiple layers of affirmative action that kills all positive initiative. The best business people in South Africa are foreigners. The SA population has lived with a sense of entitlement plus a very heavy dose of corruption for decades now. What works from the energy infrastructure are leftovers from Apartheid. SA needs to get rid of the ANC, develop a more diverse political landscape that reflects the real groupings of the population, must ditch all entitlement and advantage programs for certain population groups and set the economy onto an entrepreneurial footing. The old ANC guard won’t like this. That’s why its not happening.

The year has started out terribly for South Africans. Through ongoing commissions of inquiry, we are being taken witness by witness and page by affidavit page, through harrowing detail of the havoc that corruption and corporate capture has wreaked on our young nation.

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