Economic growth slowing around the world

Whatever semblance of prosperity or growth we had since 2008 was bought at the price of the biggest money printing program that the planet has ever seen. Pumping artificial cash into the economy delays pain just enough for those politicians that were at the levers of power over the last 10 years to finish their terms and jump off into cozy jobs fixed during their terms. Now, the world must live with a corpse of an economy as debt levels are beyond stratospheric. Delayed pain just gets bigger – but thats a lesson which will never be learned for real.

A global economy that until recently was humming has broken down, a sharp contrast to the picture just a year ago when the world was experiencing its best growth since 2010 and seemed poised to do even better. Already, builders in the United States are erecting fewer single-family homes. German factories are sputtering, and in China, retail sales are growing at their slowest pace in 15 years.

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