Electric-Car Era Threatens Firefighters With New Road Risks

This is way more serious than most like to consider. Just imagine one of those cars is parked in front of a building you live in. In a city. Will you care? It may blow up – just like this with no reason that you may recognize as such. As has happened. Rare? Sure – its rare. But it happens – not like Fukushima every couple of decades. Its happening all the time. Will you care? Now replace that car with a truck that has a battery pack 40 times as big. Will you care? Or a ship coming through a shipping channel you happen to live close by. We are not in the dry with those.

Firefighters doused the blazing Tesla Inc. Model X’s battery pack, and then company engineers removed about one-quarter of its power cells before the vehicle was deemed safe to tow off of a California freeway.

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