Europe agrees final CO2 reduction target, it includes renewable fuels

A step in the right direction. Now it’s a matter of getting into the weeds. Good intentions don’t immediately result in action in the market. If no aggressive promotion work is done for methane as a fuel, this will blow over and the gas industry will be not a step further in 5 years as compared to now. We have lived through this countless times. Right now, most believe that E-Mobility will save the day. We must show the world that this is not the case in heavy duty and that there will be a very long transition during which methane is the only sensible way forward. And promotion will have to be guerrilla – not the kind we had so far. Lame, boring, institutional, so uncool it hurts, … E-Mobility has the cool factor – lets take a page from their marketing book.

The third Clean Mobility Package, published in May, puts forward the first ever COemissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles. As such, it was welcomed by NGVA Europe, but under the premise that it must support a technology-neutral pathway towards the final objective.

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