Asia eyes near-term LNG oversupply

Now everyone does as if this is such a big surprise and that it was so incredibly unpredictable. But was it really? In March 2016 – about 3 years before now – the Pilot issue of “Energy & Geopolitics” went public. There was an “In depth” feature which predicted this and a lot more over 6 pages. Looks like it not only hit the mark – it killed the damn mark. I must know as I wrote the article. But oversupply was only one of the predictions I made – this piece had a lot more in it. And believe me – when this comes to happen, the energy world will shake in its core. Am I selling investment advice? No way. Anyone following me on this feed and others will have read all of my predictions a couple of times over already. I give them away for no payment – but they are not free. It will cost you time to read and think, and it might cost you a piece of your sanity. Ready?

Asia’s appetite for LNG could stay satiated for the next two years, weighing on prices globally as a string of supply projects temporarily outpace demand, said a senior analyst for Credit Suisse on Tuesday.

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