Exxon, Microsoft strike cloud computing agreement for U.S. shale

Never before has the adage been so true. Data is the new oil. The capability to process gargantuan amounts of data in real time will decide success or failure in the shale fields. And its the models derived from this data that will make it possible to milk the rock. No place beyond the US has amassed such a wealth of published data on its underground as the US has. Everyone can use it, mine it, cut his teeth on it, make a difference. Show me a country that has this. Here in Europe, everyone sits on his silo – and prefers to remain blind a deaf. And this is just one factor that ensures that shale turns the US upside down and the rest of the world struggles.

Exxon Mobil Corp and Microsoft Corp have agreed to use cloud technology in the U.S. oil producer’s shale operations, they said on Friday, helping to boost profitability in the nation’s largest shale field.

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