Fight against pollution to lift LNG demand

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine LNG goes bonkers on the transportation business. If every Heavy Horsepower and truck in Europe alone converted to LNG (just for the sake of argument) we would need more LNG for that alone than we currently have available worldwide. Just let that sink in. Eve if we found alternatives for every drop of LNG that is currently being used anywhere in the world (which we won’t), we won’t even have enough LNG for the European transport market, let alone the rest of the world. Now, such a transition dies not happen in 3 days. It takes years, even decades to meaningfully dent the market but let’s just imagine that European nations or cities implement rules that diesel trucks cannot go into certain areas anymore. EV does not work for the heavies so LNG is the only option left. We have that in some cases in Austria already. And there will be more. Those things can happen very quickly. Are you ready for that? We are.

Global liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade is set to rise 11 per cent this year as China leads a global drive to reduce pollution and tackle carbon emissions, Royal Dutch Shell said in an annual LNG report on Monday.

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