Germany is razing a 12,000-year-old forest to make way for a coal mine

OK, let’s get this straight. Germany has signed the Paris agreement but openly admits that it breaks it intentionally. They are basically the worst cheaters but they are the good guys as they say no offensive stuff. They just do offensive stuff. And the US, which has pulled out of the Paris agreement but is one of the few countries that actually lowers emissions of all kinds is the bad guy as they say nasty things but do lots of good to the environment. We are really messed up as a species.

Germany may have set laudable goals for its ambitious “Energiewende”—or shift to a low-carbon economy—but it is still struggling to free itself from fossil fuels, in particular electricity generated from coal’s dirtier cousin lignite. In the latest demonstration of this struggle, an ancient forest is about to be razed in order to expand what is already Europe’s largest opencast mine.

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