Utilities have a problem: the public wants 100% renewable energy, and quick

Oh, I love it when the masses are up in arms. They want their renewables. Well, let them have it. I trust that those cities that claim they are 100% renewable have been unhooked from the fossil grid. If there is no wind and sun and storage cannot take it anymore, I am sure people will willingly huddle together in the dark and go hungry. What do I say – some sardines out of the can don’t require energy. I am pretty sure that those so-called 100% renewable communities scavenge on the back of the fossil grid and they give and take when they either have too much or not enough. And they do this for free I bet. They must feel bad about that so lets cut them off physically. Let them have their medicine every day.

Renewable energy is hot. It has incredible momentum, not only in terms of deployment and costs but in terms of public opinion and cultural cachet. To put it simply: Everyone loves renewable energy. It’s cleaner, it’s high-tech, it’s new jobs, it’s the future. And so more and more big energy customers are demanding the full meal deal: 100 percent renewable energy.

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