Governments at COP24 should focus on building a global electricity grid

Does anyone ever consider the cost of this all. I mean, its already quite an economic challenge to bring wind energy from the North Sea to the south of Germany. We are talking about less than 750 km mostly onshore. And already it puts a powerful economy like Germany in the ropes. A global grid would serve nothing more than warming copper lines. The sheer scale of it would make it one single giant point of failure which all the world is going to live through no matter where is occurs. We should run some back of the envelope exercises before handing such proposals prices.

Governments at the COP24 climate change conference in Katowice, Poland, which ends on 14 December, should tackle fossil-fuel reliance by building a global energy grid that connects renewable energy from all around the world — and the best place to start is with a giant wind farm in Greenland, says Professor Damien Ernst, an energy scientist from the University of Liège, Belgium.

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