Will we survive the next 100 years?

I have seen my fair share o scares in half a century on this planet. Anyone remembers the New Ice Age scare? Or “The day after” nuke scare? Or the “sour rain” scare that we will all die. I forgot the Millennium bug. O Mad Cow. Or …. The majority of the worlds’ population thrives on drama. Most fears today are about as reasonable as being afraid of giant alien monsters enslaving us while we sleep. We must look at the facts and we must recognize risks and dangers that we face but making everything a huge public panic does not help in finding realistic solutions. It does – however – help those with an agenda to further their aims while camouflaging it as “Saving earth”.

First, let me say that I’m not an environmentalist or a scientist — but I’m bio-curious, and over the last year I seem to increasingly ask myself the same question: Is this the end?

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