Green Deals Won’t Save the World, But Access to Energy Will

By raising the cost of getting usable energy to consumers, the renewable folks arrogantly decide that 1 billion people in developing countries should not have access to energy, clean water, and education because their balance sheets are way more important than that. In a sense, renewable advocates do what they accuse all other of – they make life on earth miserable for a large portion of the population. Those that have the weakest deck of cards when they start their lives. And to the high society, jet-setting celebrities that enhance their own profiles through this hoax I have one message. When you see people in misery next time, don’t look away. You largely contributed to this as what you do helps in excluding them from basic amenities. While you fly from city to city in your private jet, people are suffering from your actions. Don’t look away: the one who passes the sentence swings the sword. I am talking to you, Arnold and Leonardo.

Though we take it for granted in the United States, energy isn’t a readily accessible luxury across the planet. It’s essential for clean water, modern medical care, refrigeration, transporting goods, and cooking without resorting to burning harmful chemicals indoors. It makes educating our children, conducting business, and heating and cooling our homes easier than ever before.

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